A special event to live moment by moment: For those who love Tuscany it is a unique opportunity, one of its kind, to discover this remarkable region in more detail, in exclusive situations, having a real experience full of ideas that will make you rediscover the taste of adventure.

There are many distinctive aspects of this event that make Grande Notte an event truly special, attractive and full of excitement.

The places of the race

Much of the event will take place on a summer’s night, with a full moon (between Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July 2018), thus allowing the lucky 50 participating crews to enjoy the thrill of crossing special places such as Piazza Signoria in Florence, Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca, Piazza Duomo in Arezzo in the magic of the moonlight, discovering these places in a very special way.

The main feature is crossing these excellent places and historical centres of all the capital cities of the Tuscan provinces, none excluded, as well as a series of smaller cities, but certainly no less important. And so we will have the pleasure of making our guests taste: Piazza Dante in Grosseto, Mascagni roundabout Hotel Palazzo in Livorno, Piazza Duomo and the Leaning Tower in Pisa, Piazza Alberica in Carrara, Piazza Aranci in Massa, Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca, Piazza Duomo in Pistoia, Piazza Duomo and the Emperor’s Castle in Prato, Piazza Signoria and Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Piazza Duomo and della Libertà in Arezzo, the Medici Fortress in Siena …. an exceptional itinerary of extraordinary places that represent a summary of memories that have no equal.

The landscapes and views that can be seen only in Tuscany: the sunny and wild Maremma, Val di Cornia and Bolgheri, Romito and Montenero, Versilia, the Apuan Alps and Garfagnana, Serravalle and monte Albano, Colonnata and the Medici villas, Chianti, the Arno Valley, the Val di Chiana, and Crete Senesi.

The race

In this extraordinary environmental context the race is held … an enterprise … for which all the strength, resistance and audacity of the crew will be necessary … not so much to win but to arrive … in the Medicean Fortress of Siena … at 6:15 am Sunday 29th July. A tough race, heightened with excitement, endurance and determination that form the basis of strategies to get to the finish line after 75 time trials, 4 time controls, 22 passage controls and 560 km of road … … to be made in about 18 hours continuously … because the Grande Notte is run, above all at night.

The race during its 18 hours will be dotted with countless stops: refreshers, energizers, aperitifs, tastings, special dinners, coffee breaks, shows, for a total of about 4 hours in a way that allows a moment for rest and recuperation to deal with the road to the final goal.

A beautiful event, full of a thousand things, large landscapes, extraordinary places, an exciting, unique experience, and a real adventure topped by big emotions, which will leave participants with a good memory of this great Region.

A special event to live moment by moment..

The main feature is crossing these excellent places and historical centres of all the capital cities of the Tuscan provinces..