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The Circuit


For those who register and do the sports checks in Siena the circuit starts on Friday: For these crews (who will find their trailer on arrival!!!!) a fun and free transfer is scheduled in the afternoon, from Siena to Grosseto , which can be done by following one of the following two routes:

– The first … a very direct route that involves travelling the SG Siena-Grosseto passing San Rocco a Pilli, Petriolo, Civitella Marittima, Paganico, to Grosseto, La Principina a Terra of total of about 80 km, four lanes of traffic, very fast, taking about 1:10h.

-the second … a much more scenic and intriguing path (about 100 km, and a 1:40h journey) which involves travelling through Rosia, Colonna di Montarrenti. Monticiano, Torniella, Roccastrada (where there is a stop for a visit to the Vine and Wine Museum .. with an extraordinary panoramic terrace) Braccagni, Grosseto, La Principina a Terra.

Those who register in Grosseto will not have to do any transfer route.


The start of the race will be from Grosseto, Vallo degli Arcieri, at 12:30 (first car departs) to move into the historic center of Grosseto, in Piazza Dante (called Piazza delle Catene) the beating heart of the city, where a check will be done with a stamp.

From there we move towards Macchiascandona and then the first trials of Vetulonia, through the Maremma, to follow Grilli and the Aurelia Vecchia road that will take us to Scarlino Scalo. We will cross the Marsiliana Reserve and the Poggio dei Tre Cancelli Nature Reserve: Stamp check at Montioni a small village to the Far west of Maremmano. After crossing the Macchion dei Lupi we will enter Val di Cornia and from here go on up to Sassetta (CT 13:52). Direction Castagneto-Carducci and then Bolgheri (14:30) CT with a short gastronomic break of 15′.

We will drive along the very famous Bolgheri Cypress Avenue, have a time trial in the Karting circuit – “Pista del Mare” followed by Cecina (CT in front of the Old Town Hall) and Castiglioncello (CT in Piazzetta della Vittoria, a cult location for Dolce Vita of the 60s). Continuing along the panoramic road of Romito which we leave to climb up towards Montenero, where we will have time trails on the roads of the “Montenero Cup” (Speed ​​Race 1921-1947, which in 1937 was known as the XV Italian Grand Prix) won five times by Nuvolari to whom a curve is dedicated.

We then descends towards Livorno until the Rotanda Mascagni with CT at the Hotel Palazzo, a nineteenth-century hotel that welcomed the organizers and the drivers of the Montenero Cup. A journey inside the Venice district will let you discover the true soul of Livorno. From here to Pisa, with a 30′ stop in Piazza Duomo, under the Leaning Tower, where we will have the first CO -1 (17:20).

Next Stamp check at Torre del Lago right on the Belvedere Puccini with an extraordinary view of Lake Massaciuccoli. A four-lane stretch will take us beyond Viareggio and from here, along a stretch of the Aurelia Vecchia road and a piece of the beautiful Viali a Mare, reaching the heart of the Tuscan worldliness Forte dei Marmi (CT. 18:30) where Via Spinetti, Piazza Garibaldi will be at our disposal for a break of 30′ … enough time to enjoy a super glamourous aperitif.

Crossing the internal roads of Versilia and the strategic Strada dei Marmi … we will get to Carrara (CT. 19:35) in Piazza Albèrica, with an extraordinary marble floor. After having crossed the Strada della Foce we reach Massa, with its spectacular Piazza Aranci that owes its name to the crown of orange trees that surrounds the whole Piazza. We then descend again towards Versilia to the lively city of Pietrasanta, having become the residence for many artists, sculptors and painters: Stamp control in Piazza Duomo (20:15). We go up to the last leg of Garfagnana, Camaiore, S. Martino in Freddana, and from here you can park at Lucca (20:55) on the wonderful walls and then to the Real Collegio, a 16th century structure that will welcome us in its extraordinary cloister for a grand dinner.

22:05 pm Second CO-2 in Lucca in front of the Real Collegio, and transfer to the legendary Piazza Anfiteatro (CT.22:07) and from here straight to Collodi, the town of Pinocchio, Stamp control (22:35) right under the giant wooden statue (16 m) of the famous puppet. Followed by Montecatini Terme with a Stamp Control right in front of the famous Terme Tettuccio. After the special time trials of Treggiaia, we reach Pistoia in the splendid Piazza Duomo, with a 15′ refresh stop (CT. 23:25). Continuing to Montale and Montemurlo we then arrive at Prato with a Stamp Control in Piazza Duomo (CT. 00:10) to continue on to the Emperor’s Castle.


Calenzano, Sesto Fiorentino and from there towards Colonnata. Following the road of the Medici Villas: Villa di Castello, Villa Petraia, Villa Corsini, Villa la Quiete up to Careggi, and from there we enter Florence: Piazza della Libertà, up to the Stamp Control in Piazza Signoria overlooked by Palazzo Vecchio (CT. 1:06): from there we move onto the Lungarno degli Archibusieri, in front of Ponte Vecchio, Lungarno Acciaiuoli, Ponte Santa Trinità, Porta Romana and then up, up to Piazzale Michelangelo, the magical terrace which dominates all of Florence: here we will have a 30 ‘restorative stop and the third CO-3 (1:50).

Carrying on towards Bagno a Ripoli, San Donato in Collina, La Luna, Figline Val d’Arno: There, a 15-minute coffee-break and CT in the magical Piazza Marsilio Ficino (2:44). Following onto the Val d’Arno past San Giovanni VdA, Montevarchi, Levane, Ponticino, up to Arezzo in Piazza Duomo and Piazza della Libertà (CT. 3:53) with a 20′ stop at the Eden car park. Continuing through the Val di Chiana, Monte San Savino, Lucignano with Stamp Control in its special historical center (CT. 4:33) until you reach Asciano, the Sienese granary where we will have the last stop of a 15′ breakfast break, and the last Stamp check (5:20).

From there, the road to Siena, opens the magical scenery of the Crete Senesi which at this point lets you see them with the moon setting and the sun rising. The Grande Notte experience ends in the Medicean Fortress of Siena, a special place, where we will have the Final Time Check at 6:15.