Comfortable reserved areas have been set up to park trailers, or any car transporters:

For those who register in Siena : Part of a large car park, located 2.6 km (3′) from the Siena Nord exit (of the SGC Siena Florence highway) and 1.5 km. (4′) from the Garden Hotel, the place of registration.

Teams arriving with a trailer will have to unload the vintage car in the car park reserved for trailers and may only go to the sporting check and registering hall with the vintage car.

The sports checks will be carried out at the Hotel Garden, which has a large reserved car park, but which will not be accessible to trailers, nor parking them.

For those who register in Grosseto: The car park of the Hotel Fattoria la Principina is vast, so you can access the reserved parking area even with trailers and park them next to the Hotel.